Your car, as the saying goes, is your freedom. When your car isn’t right, it’s not only an issue of being unable to be as mobile as you’d like, it’s an issue of safety for the thing that is most important to you–your family. Family owned and operated companies are more likely to understand your concerns and to address them definitively. You want a family oriented company to attend to those automobile repair problems.

With more than 25 years in the business of automotive repair, John Herbeck’s Auto Repair can provide you with the right solution to any automobile issue. Family owned and family operated, John Herbeck’s Auto Repair will give you the kind of solid work ethic that you’d expect from a business with this longevity.

Our mission is to give you the kind of customer service that every customer deserves and the kind of automobile repair that will keep you safely on the road.

John Herbeck’s Auto Repair offers you every type of repair or maintenance that you might require for your car. From a quick fluid check to a rapid oil change, to brake and light repairs, even major mechanical repairs are within our province.

The goal with every interaction with our customers is complete satisfaction in the work that you receive as well as the interaction with our staff. Our mechanics are honest, ethical and understanding of your concerns about your car. At John Herbeck’s Auto Repair we don’t just fix cars, we build relationships.