Drew (the owner) understands the urgency to get my vehicles back on the road but the most important thing is that I can trust him. I don’t have to shop around. I know that Drew has given me the best price on any repair.

- Jerry Sheridan, Sheridan Air Conditioning

Drew is AWESOME! He is the most honest mechanic I have ever met. I have over 20 vehicles on the road for Tower Communications and John Herbeck’s Auto Repair keeps all my vehicles in OUTSTANDING condition at very reasonable rates!

-Frank Payberg, Tower Communications

Very refreshing experience contacting John Herbeck Repair. We made an appointment for the car, arrived and met by Drew in an immaculate auto repair shop! He overlooked the car right then and advised as to the repairs needed and the estimated cost. The car was left for repairs to be completed. Drew contacted us once completed.

 They took pride in their work and our car as if it was a family member, keeping it safe and giving it a nice wash and cleanup in addition to the repair work! Awesome!

Repair costs were less than expected AND the Angie’s List Discount offered was an additional blessing at this time.

Highly recommend this repair shop (family run business)!

Professionalism, Trust and Honesty is the atmosphere here!

- Robin Pounds

Drew has been fixing my cars for years. I’m a single mom-I know I can trust him to give me the best price & only complete what is necessary. If he sees a problem that needs to be addressed, he gives me plenty of advanced warnings so I can budget my repairs. pls note: It’s great to have a mechanic a woman can trust.

- Diane Murray

Excellent. Performed required work. Explained other issues might want to consider repairing. Never any “high pressure” sales job. Honest reliable service.

- David Morris

I rely on Drew Ciba for his practical advice. He always thoroughly explains the problem, as well as pros and cons…

- Heidi Boehringer

I took my car in this morning and they had it fixed before I got off work. They were polite, they cleaned the inside of my car. They even took me to work.

- Joanne Adkins

They looked it over, found the leak and quoted the price. Price did not change and they didn’t try to sell anything else. Good work and price. I will use them again.

- Debbie Briggs

Complete oil change, a complete 22 point safety inspection, fluids checked and topped off, pressure check on all 5 tires and consultation with technician to address any concerns and answered questions. John Herbecks Auto Repair continuously provides outstanding quality service. They always super exceed our expectations.

- Denise Chavey

John Herbeck’s Auto Repair, owned & operated by Drew Ciba, has been doing all the mechanical work on my four collectible cars and my daily driver for the last fifteen years. He is trustworthy, experienced, patient and punctual.

I wouldn’t go to anyone else for my auto repair needs. He takes pains to research needed parts if needed. He’s just a great, top of the line mechanic!

- Peter Ryskewecz

Drew took in the car. He had mech check car out. Bought parts and finish working on car at 4:00. Seven hours later. Had car washed no charge.

- James Niedzwiecki

I called at 9:00 am, they told me to bring in my car and it was fixed by 3:30 that same day. I was extremely pleased with their service and will definitely use them again if the need arises.

- Johanne Taft

… With Drew at the helm coordinating everything I had a time frame I was happy with and a time frame that was adhered to. Actually ‘we’ ran about ten minutes over but it was worth it. Drew explained that they were almost finished, they were just washing the wheels. OK- that made sense for new tires.

But when I saw the job they did on those wheels! Like new! I bought the car second hand and was told the tarnish would not come off. Well I tried anyway and sure enough, the darn tarnish wouldn’t surrender- not to me, anyway. Obviously the crew at Herbeck’s don’t take no for an answer.

You no doubt have the picture but I will tell you what I saw. I saw an operation that cares for its product as well as its customers. I have been driving almost fifty years, seen my share of garages.

However, never have I witnessed such genuine concern for customer satisfaction. I must say that this was my second experience with Drew and the boys and the second time they went the extra mile! I will conclude by thanking Angie’s List for hooking us up, and advising all who read this review that under the circumstances I consider the amount I paid to be a bargain. I have found one-stop shopping for my automobiles.

- George Deller

I have 2003 cadillac CTS and have used this vendor on most repairs rather than dealer. for last couple years. Price is always much less than dealer and Drew is very professional. I feel that they are honest and deal fairly. I had window motor changed, timing belt and water pump changed. Great work each time. Drew is also good about answering my questions and checking out any concerns I have about my car.

Great work each time. Labor costs much less than dealer.

- Carrol Stubbs

Incredible owner and staff- very friendly and courteous – very knowledgeable – explains service in detail before and after.

- Marjorie Malos

Very thorough job, on time with delivery of parts. Professional service & environment. Reasonably priced.

- Mabel Galoppi

Diagnosed brake problems when the dealership could not. I was impressed with their ability and willingness to really figure out the problem.

After going to the local Toyota dealer with my 2004 Highlander complaining of very soft braking and a lack of pedal pressure, they told me everything was ok with the brakes. As a former mechanic, I knew there was a problem. The brakes were not as responsive as they used to be and stopping distances were quite long. Also, pedal pressure was not maintained when pressing on the pedal at a stop.

After reading about John Herbeck’s in Angie’s List, I made an appointment. They road tested the car and pulled the wheels. They determined that the rear calipers were frozen and that the master cylinder was not functioning. I authorized the repairs to be done and they were finished within 24 hours. Plus, the washed and vacuumed the car.

Very happy.

- Peter Tedone

All went well. After the two worn tires were removed for replacement it was noted that the brakes were in better condition than noted on initial inspection. Drew recommended to hold off on brake replacement for about another 15,000 miles- he would monitor the condition at oil changing time. He could have not told me this and changed the brakes with the tire change as planned. His up-front honesty saved me the expense at this point and allowed me to get more service from my existing brakes.

The car detailing was outstanding and a super convenience since I had to surrender the car for the good part of the day and didn’t have to schedule that service somewhere else.

I learned of Drew’s shop through an introductory direct mailing. I got a good impression after reading it and put it away until the time came where I needed his service. Finding an auto mechanic with a sense of trust is as difficult as finding a medical doctor for oneself. I’m very satisfied with this garage since I started using it about 2 years ago.

I offered a rating of “good” for the price because it was. I did not shop around for price comparison so I’m not knowledgeable of it being exceptional for low pricing- I just feel it is exceptionally good service at what I consider a good price. That is important to me.

- Anders Ericksosn

This is a private garage that believes in honest service. Does not add services that are not needed. Modest pricing that beats. Cadillac dealers a ton. Found about this garage on the internet and was sold on them after talking to Drew Ciba. Their 18 month 18000 mile warranty is outstanding, as everything else about them.

- Pantelis Mourges

Excellent, fair-reasonable- honest repair place. Doesn’t try to “up-sell you.” Tells you the truth and quotes a fair price.

-Anne Murphy

As usual, they were prompt and professional, always honest and fair, gave me a ride back home and picked me up. Drew & his crew are wonderful, always calls with an estimate of the work to be done.

- Jackie Kurt

Excellent service. Very claim. Gave me an estimate. Called me to let me know that the service would be less than quoted. Repaired done on time.

- Rochelle Walters

Drew Ciba, the owner, was friendly, helpful and an excellent mechanic. Highly recommend.

- Angela Lublin

We continue to use this auto review service as Drew is reliable, competent, trustworthy and there is always a knowledge that everything will be handled perfectly.

- Roberta Grafman

Herbeck’s detected leaks in my A/C system. The A/C had lost its “coldness”. This business always does top-notch, dependable service & warranties out their work for 18 months.

- Peter Ryskewecz

Car was returned exceptionally clean, ran smoothly, Thanks!

- Anne Allaise

Done quickly. Very friendly. Being a customer for 15 plus years. Very honest.

- Marie Bracht

Had 8:00 am appointment, got there on time, worked started right away and was out by 9:00. Great!!

- Patrick Oconnell

I arrived at 8 am and the job was finished by 4 pm. The repair was correctly done.

They gave me a free car wash as well, voluntarily, and now my car is even cleaner than when I bought it, inside and out.

Drew explained everything clearly, and in layman’s language, before the work was to be done so I understood perfectly. He always does.

I have been their customer since the mid 1990’s and wouldn’t change for anything. You “may” find them pricey, but they install quality parts, are certified, experienced mechanics, and they guarantee their work for I believe a year. I have never had any trouble with their repairs, they are honest, and they have always honored their guarantee.

 Their labor costs are among the lowest around.

- Francisco Ramos

Drew & his team are the BEST. They do excellent work & they are trustworthy. I have referred several friends to him & everyone agrees.

- Marie Cooper

I have been a customer for 18 years. Drew, the owner, always takes interest in our vehicle and tells you what is needed and what can wait. I would never go anywhere else.

- Raymond Paul

I was very pleased with the work and follow-up. I will use this vendor in the future.

- Paul Moore

I had 4 truck tires replaced, balanced, and alligned.

I called on Thursday because I was going to Tampa on Saturday and needed new tires. I got an appt. for Friday and they even gave me a ride home. Drew was friendly and professional.

- Janette Delgado

Oil, lube filter, air filter, crogg tires and complimentary car wash.

On time, brought me home, called when they were bringing car back. Price was not excessive. Very accommodating.

- Richard Lund

Have been doing business with Drew Cila about ten years. Does great work “honest” and fair. I send people there that have been ripped off everywhere else. Great for older drivers.

- Wayne Landry

I took my Lexus in due to vibration when driving at various speeds and a knocking noise coming from the rear of the car. They checked all four tires and one of the rear tires was showing metal which was creating the vibration and noise. They moved the front tires to the rear and put two new tires on the front, balanced and aligned. Car floats over the road like it is supposed to! Have used John Herbeck’s many times over the years and have always been very satisfied with their service, the price, their professionalism and they take me home and pick me up! Why go anywhere else?

- Jackie Kurt

A/C blower motor. Full detail – car wash, wax, the works oil change including shampoo of carpet, check tires, nice to have work done to car and pick it up clean. It’s a win-win!

Drew and his employees are all awesome. They even drive you home and pick up. I think he should change name to “Honest Drew’s Auto Repair & More” plus coupons on his web page.

- Roxann Suarez

We have used Drew and John Herbeck’s for our Lexus LS 400 and Chevy S-10 pickup for several years.

Drew, the owner, is the nicest and most knowledgeable guy we have found. He is honest, friendly, professional and extremely fair with his pricing. His work is timely and neat and he always calls with an estimate before performing any work.

Today, I took in our Lexus for a battery replacement. They performed a complete electrical check and battery evaluation. It was determined that my four-year-old Sears battery needed to be replaced.

While there, they also checked all fluid levels and tires at no charge. We won’t take our vehicles anywhere else!


- Jackie Kurt